Liquid Gold Well Service, Inc. currently employs between 20 to 30 employees. Our employees are hand selected through an application process and are trained annually in procedure and safety rules and regulations. LGWS provides our employees with the tools they need to work efficiently and safely during day to day operations. By providing a competitive wage for our area, 401K benefits, and advancement opportunities, we are capable of retaining a strong work force to better our company's goal to ensure outstanding service to our customers.

Shane Schwindt- President & CEO

Owner- Shane has over 25 years of oil field experience and he oversees all operations at LGWS. Shane ensures all employees at LGWS maintain a professional standard above all to create good working relationships with our customers. Shane's experience and knowledge of oil and gas production allows LGWS to complete work both timely and proficiently. liqgold@northerntel.net


Kristine Schwindt- Sec/Tres, CFO & Safety Manager

Owner- Kris is responsible for the company finances and insurance. Kris is also the safety and fleet manager responsible for providing our employees with training in all aspects of well service including certifications in H2S gas, first aid CPR, and Safeland. Kris is also the liaison for the local TERO offices allowing us to provide our services on tribal land.  liqgold@northerntel.net


Larry Schwindt- Office Manager

Larry is responsible for day to day correspondence, inventory, invoice and billing, payroll, and other administrative operations. Larry also manages fleet maintenance records and employee/ customer files.


Supervisors- Dave Brown, Randy Edmisson, Todd Molenda

With over 60 combined years of experience in the oil and gas well industry, our supervisors understand the importance of doing a job efficiently, and correctly. Dave, and Randy oversee all operations of our service rigs while Todd concentrates more toward our cementing and acidizing crews. Our supervisors maintain a strong professional working relationship with our customers allowing us to succeed in working more effectively.


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